A Philippine based I.T. staffing company with 7 years of experience in the U.S. market.

We are a young and dynamic company specializing in Information Technology. It is our goal to connect with companies across the globe and provide technological support to drive them towards their business goals.

Why Partner With Us

U.S.-trained, Philippine-based

Our team of professional recruiters are highly skilled and possess 7 years of experience in the I.T. industry 

3-Month Free Replacement

We offer one-time free candidate replacement with the initial three-month period of joining the company.

Modern Tools and Platforms

Our team will maximize premium tools and job platforms to source for the best talent locally or internationally. 

Schools and Language Centers Partnerships

Aside from the paid tools and platforms, we have partnered with selected language schools, colleges and universities to provide bilingual, high-caliber talents.

Post Candidate Management

Our services do not stop after we placed a candidate. We will assist you in your on-boarding process to ensure that your new hires are fully engaged.

Only 50% After Placement

We only charge for successful placements. No upfront payment. We also offer discounted rates for candidate replacement after the initial three-month period of joining the company.

Free Market Intelligence Data

We have continuously updated accurate data on market rates for all relevant I.T. positions and their many available structure types. We can give you current reports on information such as:

  • The cost to employ any I.T. professional (i.e. Data Engineer, Full Stack Programmer, etc.) in the Philippines.
  • The cost-benefit of starting a remote placement with or without benefits.
  •  The average market rate for each Philippine city. 
  • And much more!
If you’re interested in receiving this information at no charge, please fill out our contact form and one of our specialists will be with you shortly.

If you want to establish or expand your company in the Philippines, Hawodtech Solutions Inc. is happy to assist you with free consultation and market intelligence that you need to help you in your company formation and business setup. Data could include market rates, sample resumes, resource availability and other technological trends in the country.

We Partner with the Following Language Centers

Our partnerships with local language centers allow us access to high-quality bilingual talent directly from the source.

Takumi Japanese Language Center

Nozomi Language Center

JPL Language Tutorial Center

Davao Language Academy

Met Academy

Client Testimonials

"We needed a great small business staff augmentation vendor to support us during a critical implementation and Hawodtech's U.S. recruitment team, together with their Sacramento-based partner company, Fortuna BMC, was highly recommended. They always deliver great candidates that were able to quickly contribute to the overall project's success. Their U.S. recruitment team is reliable, responsive and always provide top quality candidates. I am looking forward to a long-term ongoing partnership with Fortuna to provide staffing services for the Conduent child support project."
"They are very flexible with regards to Project Management, they can provide a resource or work with ours. When they integrate with our PM’s, Hawodtech Solutions, together with their Sacramento-based partner company, Fortuna BMC, has always provided project updates consistently, accurately and does so without having to be reminded to provide those to us. Finding a company to act in such a manner, is professionalism at its best. When we were the ones to have made mistakes, they bent over backwards to maintain the customers satisfaction and work to resolve the issues, rather than finger pointing. I will always continue to use their team for Professional Services Projects, for multiple reasons. I can’t say enough about their response time and flexibility for getting someone with rare skill sets. They invest in training with newer products and industry trends. They always look at projects from a business outcome perspective for the customer."
"We’ve chosen to partner with Fortuna BMC and Hawodtech's team because of their reputation of competence and customer service. The partnership has been very productive and beneficial for both MEI Mail & Document Management Services and their team. They have been timely in meeting every deadline to which they committed. I would not hesitate to recommend their team for the reasons I’ve articulated above. We will continue to explore tangential opportunities on which we can partner in the future."

Our Clients

HawodTech was founded by multiple members of our partner company, Fortuna BMC, a business management consulting firm in the U.S. that has a vast experience serving large corporations with complex I.T. solutions. Our founding members have a storied history in the exact field we choose to specialize in, I.T.

Our Recruitment Process

1. Discussion

We start by discussing your business setup and staffing needs. We are here to support you towards achieving you goals, by being your go-to partner for your manning requirements and on-demand team building.

2. Sourcing

By maximizing premium tools and job platforms, we will identify top talents that will match your company values and business needs. Just let us know your ideal candidate and our team will take care of the rest. ​

3. Screening

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who will ensure to only deliver qualified and reliable candidates.

4. Interview Coordination

We will handle your day-to-day support needs, including scheduling interviews between you and your shortlisted candidates.

5. On-boarding

We are your partner all throughout the process until you have chosen your preferred candidate.

6. Candidate Management

Our services do not just end once we placed a candidate. We will monitor the candidate’s performance during the initial stage of being part of your team.

Our Founders

Greg Ouano

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Jack Smith

Co-Founder | Special Advisor to the CEO

Steve Hill

Co-Founder | Chief Financial Officer

Merritt Degraw

Co-Founder | Chief Technology Officer
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