A Case Study on a 3-month Recruitment Campaign for a FinTech Company

Client Details

The client is a global FinTech company seeking to establish a product development team in the Philippines in just 3 months. However, they have no idea on proper market rates and high-demand employment packages in the IT industry.

Through collaboration, the client has received HawodTech’s 360-degree talent acquisition support. With this, the core members of the client’s product development team was completed and comprised a qualified Technology Lead, QA Lead, Sr. DevOps, Sr. C# .Net Developer, & UI/UX Designer. 

Client Pain Points

The Client is an international company whose goal is to set up their product development team in the Philippines. 

The Challenge:

They are not 100% certain if the Philippines is the right place to establish their product development team. Not only does the client have insufficient knowledge on sourcing a qualified talent pool, but they are also unfamiliar with the labor cost and hiring process in the country.

The Solution:

HawodTech collaborated with the client throughout the hiring process. This ensured that the candidates being pooled are not only equipped with the technical skills the client requires but are also ‘culture fit’ for their organization.

Why the Client Chose HawodTech

If the client establishes their own recruitment team, they will have to spend on recruitment costs, without the guarantee that these talents would be hired. However, a partnership with HawodTech minimizes a client’s financial risk. There is a one-time free replacement policy and no upfront payment required. This also comes with the assurance that the client will only have to spend a certain cost once the candidate has been successfully hired. 

What HawodTech Solutions Did

HawodTech set up a calibration call with them to tailor fit the solution. After all, it’s not a one-size-fits all. The team carefully assessed their needs by asking them the right questions regarding: 

  • Client’s hiring timelines
  • Client’s budget
  • Client’s policies
  • Client’s process
  • Details on the type of candidates the client is looking for. Not only focusing on the technical skills but also on the soft skills and character to ensure that they are ‘culture fit’ for their organization.

From there, HawodTech did free market research, as part of their services and presented their proposal to the client. The market research provided was not just a total salary package, but a comprehensive breakdown of the basic salary plus benefit costs. This gives the client an idea of the government mandated benefits in the Philippines. 

After seeing the report and understanding their target market, the Client was able to come up with their competitive salary package. The report also reflected how many resources there are in the Philippine market, per specific role requested. Based on the report HawodTech provided, they were able to decide that the Philippines is indeed the right place to build, establish and hone their product development team.

HawodTech then started recruiting for the whole team, beginning with their Technology leads. They understood that the first few hires are crucial because these are the leaders of the team, who will play distinguished roles in leading the product development team to growth and stability.

In an effort to emphasize overcommunication, HawodTech also aligned with the client’s processes, policies and culture. This will ensure the candidates being deployed have the technical skills the client requires and are culture fit to their organization. With the collaborative synergy between HawodTech and client, this made it easy to respond to the client’s inquiries and guide them throughout the hiring process.

Suffice to say, HawodTech offered and delivered a 360-degree talent acquisition support, both tactical and strategic.

Results and Benefits

In a span of just 3 months, HawodTech was able to place the core members of the product development team comprised of a qualified Technology lead, QA Lead, Sr. DevOps, Sr. C#.Net Developer, & UI/UX Designer. 

As a result, the Client saved a significant amount in terms of money, time, and energy. Hiring an internal technical recruitment team entails a higher labor cost which translates to a higher amount of time and energy required in establishing the complex recruitment process. 

HawodTech took the burden off in analyzing the market trends and incorporating the client’s talent acquisition process with HawodTech’s recruitment standard, hiring the best talents at speed without compromising quality.

The timely delivery of support and services by HawodTech enabled the Client to meet their hiring targets which resulted in an increased productivity of their development and continuity of their operations team as planned.

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