About Us

Technology has become an integral part of every business nowadays. Seeing the importance of technology in the modern world, HawodTech Solutions Incorporated has been established. 

We are a young and dynamic company specializing in Information Technology. It is our goal to connect with companies across the globe and provide technological support to drive them towards their business goals. 

HawodTech Solutions Inc. offers a wide-range of support services including IT Recruitment & Staffing, IT Service Desk, Software Engineering, and other Information Technology support.  With these services, we aim to provide convenience to companies and allow them to save time from their businesses.

Our Mission

HawodTech Solutions Incorporated provides innovative technological solutions to companies across the globe through remote support services.

Our Vision

HawodTech Solutions Incorporated aims to become a trusted partner in bridging technological gaps and driving business success.

Our Core Values



Working with integrity and honorably accepts the outcome.



Being adaptive to change and introducing innovative ideas.



Desire to go beyond boundaries and display courage.



Respectfully treating diversity with inclusivity.



Deliver excellent services and become a reliable partner.

Our Leadership Team

Greg Ouano

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Jack Smith

Co-Founder | Special Advisor to the CEO

Steve Hill

Co-Founder | Chief Financial Officer

Merritt Degraw

Co-Founder | Chief Technology Officer

Cris Cesar

Operations Manager, US Operations

Hazelle Miguel

Recruitment Lead, PH Operations

Gabriel Gozon

Human Resource Officer

Katherine Banal

Finance Officer

Ayra Abo-Abo

Marketing Coordinator

Licensed by the Following Organizations

U.S.-Trained, Philippine-Based

Our partner company, Fortuna BMC has deep roots in the I.T. industry, serving large American-based corporations. We are bringing that same wisdom and level of expertise that helped build Fortuna BMC to the Philippines to serve organizations around the world with top notch I.T. staffing services.

HawodTech Capability Statement

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