The Advantages and Disadvantages of having an Augmented Team

Seeing how fast the world changes, businesses of all forms are stepping up their game in order to keep up with all the technological breakthroughs. Each is leaning towards a renewed focus on a balanced and optimized workforce that fills the gaps in the company’s efficiency and productivity.

Realizing the benefits of having a flexible external team, staff augmentation is becoming more pronounced these days, particularly in the IT industry. It has surfaced as a ray of opportunity during these uncertain times, when adaptability and flexibility are key assets for responding to shifting market demands and complexities.

Here’s the real deal: how exactly can businesses gain from having an Augmented Team?

Staff Augmentation provides an array of solutions that maximizes your company’s resources in the short-term. Among these are:

  • Cost-effective

Staff augmentation takes pride in its ability to deliver a staffing solution that suits your budget. It eliminates the need for additional payroll and employee benefits, not to mention other investments on office space and equipment. Your costs will only entail temporary hires without compromising the quality.

  • Adaptive and scalable

An augmented team is best known for its adaptability to the changing needs of the industry. Bearing that in mind, staff augmentation is capable of scaling up resources where and when they are needed, or scaling it down without much impact on your in-house team.

  • Access to potential employees

With an augmented team at your service, you will have the opportunity to assess prospects that can be part of your internal team and suited for your long-term projects. You can treat them as if they were your own employees as they were formed with the goal to serve as an extension of your organization.

  • Specialization in the industry

Onboarding an augmented external team allows businesses to benefit from the range of skill sets they have. A team of qualified professionals are equipped to attend to your business needs. Thus, providing you with a seamless process of recruitment, and filing of project requirements. 

  • Workflow efficiency

Trusting a part of your business to an independent team eases the burden of managing the entire recruitment process. Besides, they already have a pool of highly qualified talents so employing temporary hires lessens the need for training and the time frame a newcomer can adapt to your business.

Staff augmentation is, without a doubt, a highly effective method for promptly filling vacancies and utilizing resources for short-term projects. However, much like any other staffing model, this strategy does contain some drawbacks: 

  • Adjustment period takes place

Whether you’re onboarding direct hires or an augmented team, adapting to a new environment is not an overnight process. Additional processes will be introduced that both your company and augmented team will have to learn to cope with.

  • Only effective to a limited extent.

Staff augmentation is best utilized for short-term projects. Setbacks may arise in instances when you hire a temporary team for a long-term project that requires a permanent and full-time professional.

  • Existing internal issues

Your organization’s internal issues may place a strain on your external augmented team. Thus, it is important to resolve such problems to avoid productivity loss and inefficient outcomes.

Integrating staff augmentation seems great, but the effectiveness of having an augmented team is entirely dependent on your company’s actual demands. Prior to engaging with one, you must first examine the needs of your business. You may start by having a reliable consultant partner.

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