Dear Applicants, here are 5 Ways to Ace Your Virtual Interviews

You are presumably here because you have a virtual job interview coming up. Applicant interviews could be a nerve-racking experience for some people. Even with virtual interviews, it isn’t any less stressful. Whether you are a first-time job seeker or already have established work experience, here HawodTech gives you some tips on how to ace that interview. 

  1. Research the company 

Look into the company’s background and if possible, your interviewer, prior to your interview. You can scan through their website or social media accounts – look into their history, values, and recent press releases. Check the job posting, paying special attention to the criteria listed for the position you want to apply for. Understanding your employer and their job posting will enable you to align your skills and experiences with them. With that, you will be able to come up with good responses.  

  1. Prepare for the interview 

Collate some frequently asked questions on the internet and practice answering them. Behavioral questions may be asked during a job interview to examine your traits and personality. You can use the STAR Method to prepare for such a situation. This approach involves describing a situation, identifying the task, highlighting your action to address the situation, and expounding on the result. This allows you to come up with structured and organized responses. 

You will also have to check your computer and internet to ensure they are functioning promptly. Your computer should be running on the most recent updates and you’ll need a reliable internet connection speed. You may want to test platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams a day ahead so you don’t find yourself struggling in the morning or even minutes before the interview. 

Working on your confidence is also important if you want to ace a virtual job interview. You may try recording yourself while practicing or conversing with yourself in the mirror. This will not only boost your self-esteem, but also help assess your tone, intonation, and expression when speaking. 

  1. Make a great first impression 

First impressions often influence the perception of your employer about you so it’s important to establish a great and positive one. 

While at home, you might be tempted not to get out of pajamas and forego work clothes. However, logging onto your interview in fresh and professional attire will make a good first impression. This signals your interviewer that you are more than ready to take the job with utmost commitment and sincerity. In a nutshell, it communicates that you give respect and are motivated to be your best self while on the job.  

On the day of your interview, make yourself presentable by tidying up your surroundings. Maintain a confident posture and show respect to everyone present in the interview. Ensure that your environment is free from noise and your background looks professional, a plain background is the best option. Again, first impressions last. Be at the interview platform five minutes before the schedule. Treat an online interview like how you would show up in a face-to-face interview. 

  1. Listen, pause, reflect and respond 

Most applicants are unaware of how crucial listening is during an interview. At a time where interviews are conducted virtually, the barrier of technology might prove challenging to communicate our intentions towards the role. Paying attention to what your recruiter or interviewer is saying will help you accurately answer their questions, especially if they ask a series of them. Take some time to think about your responses before speaking. Be comfortable with silence for a moment. Articulate your thoughts, and when you’re ready, take a deep breath then respond. 

  1. Ask questions 

Asking your interviewer simply demonstrates your interest and eagerness to be part of the company. Prepare at least one or two questions in advance – it could be about what you want to know more or the next step after the interview. Listening attentively throughout your interview may also help you in formulating a question. 

Some may find job interviews as the most difficult and stressful process of job-seeking. But if you have come prepared and bear these five ways in mind, we are sure that you can nail your interview and leave a great impression.  

Here’s to the best opportunities. We at HawodTech are rooting for you!

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