How a US-based Fortuna BMC saved 50% in hiring costs

Client Details 

HawodTech Solutions, Inc. is a trusted partner of Fortuna Business Management Consulting (Fortuna BMC), a veteran-owned IT consulting and staffing firm based in the United States. In 2020, upon learning that their business is thriving, their team realized they needed more qualified technical recruiters to further expand this growth. They intended to integrate their internal recruitment process with an external team at a lower cost, but not replacing it.

Client Pain Points

The Challenge: 

They not only need qualified technical recruiters, but also who can adapt to the international culture and have excellent English skills. The client also wanted to outsource staffing to a company that will collaborate with them to integrate rather than replace their recruitment processes. With this, they sought to further expand their business without incurring a lot of costs. To build the entire team, they needed recruitment leads first.  

The Solution: 

Outsource the hiring process to an external recruitment firm. Client is looking for a company who can help them gain access to a large pool of qualified recruiters who are not employed on their internal team but can be treated as their own employees.  

What HawodTech Solutions Did 

In order to better understand their business, HawodTech arranged a calibration call with Fortuna BMC. The goal is to scrutinize how we can supply them with the best staffing solution tailored to their needs by asking the right questions in terms of their recruitment vetting process, budget, and the qualities they are looking for in a candidate. 

We started looking for key roles first beginning with the Recruitment Manager who will then help in vetting the recruiters. As always, HawodTech guaranteed to bring culture fit and qualified technical recruiters to their team whom the clients can treat as if they were their own employees. 

From there, we have integrated Fortuna BMC’s recruitment processes, as well as their operations, rules, and culture, to allow the business to achieve their goal and foster collaboration between the client and their expanded technical recruiters. 

Results and Benefits 

Highly qualified recruiters 

As Fortuna BMC’s trusted partner, HawodTech Solutions Inc. provided them with a dedicated recruitment team specifically tailored to their business needs. The team consists of a recruitment operations manager, 2 recruitment managers, 4 lead technical recruiters and 20 technical recruiters. Each of which are quality technical recruiters who have proficient English skills and are globally competitive.


By allowing an outsourced team to manage their recruitment process, they were able to save roughly half (50%) of their hiring costs. Covered in their savings are office space, equipment, recruiting software platforms, training, employee benefits such as healthcare and life insurance, employee engagement and management of their dedicated recruiter.  

Time-saving and efficient  

Not only do they have saved expensive operating and labor costs, but also the long period of time and energy it takes to hire and onboard an entire internal team. Thus allowing Fortuna MBC to have more time to focus on what matters most: their business. 

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