The Pros & Cons: Why Having an RPO Team Work

After a long time of resiliency, the business world has opened up its doors for full recovery. The market is becoming more competitive, pushing organizations to be more nimble and adaptive to innovations. To keep businesses on top of the game, the competition for the best talents has grown more challenging than ever before.

Gone are the days when the traditional hiring process is the only option to grow your organization. Businesses are now positioning themselves for better organizational productivity and efficiency by integrating the ‘fit for purpose’ outsourced recruitment process. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) allows businesses to engage a part of or their entire hiring processes to an external team. With such a solution available for organizations, you’d be surprised how many hiring challenges RPO services can solve.

Here are some insightful reasons why having an RPO team is good for your business:

A scalable recruiting model

RPO allows your talent acquisition to scale up or down depending on the needs of your business. In times when you have to fill a large volume of job vacancies, an RPO can streamline the hiring process for you without the need of building and training an entire recruitment team from scratch. Specializing in this field means that they have the resources including a pool of qualified candidates that fit your business, allowing them to quickly adapt to the ever-changing recruitment needs without sacrificing speed, quality, or brand.

Maximizing resources for better outcome

Save about half of your usual hiring cost when you let a third-party team handle your recruitment process. Covered in your savings are office space, technology tools, recruiting software platforms, training, employee benefits and incentives, as well as employee engagement and management of your dedicated recruiter.

Collaborating with an RPO firm gives you the privilege to access a pool of qualified candidates. It minimizes the time to fill vacancies and eliminates the risk of hiring ‘bad hires’. This gives your in-house staff an opportunity to focus on more important matters and deliver strategic decisions that will help  the team grow and make your company become more globally competitive. 

Making a diverse and inclusive workplace

More industries are now giving a great emphasis on establishing a diverse and inclusive workforce. Beyond moral responsibility, practicing diversity and inclusion in the workplace are seen to have significant commercial benefits that drive the performance of your business.

As such, an offshore RPO team knows how to nurture your company’s culture to connect you with diverse talents. They have a wide-array of sourcing methods that eradicate the biases and prejudices that come from employing the same recruitment model. For example, RPO experts can craft your job listings, incorporating inclusive descriptions that appeal to a diverse group of candidates. This will encourage and attract qualified candidates from all backgrounds to apply to your business.

Do RPOs have any downsides?

Collaborating with an RPO may present some minor setbacks that aren’t really worth worrying about. Bearing in mind that by granting them a part of or all of your hiring process, communication can be a challenge because you won’t always get immediate updates on what’s going on. Besides, some RPOs don’t often collaborate with your in-house team because of some cultural mismatch.

Nonetheless, RPO delivers you with tailor-fit hiring solutions. Here at HawodTech, you will never have to worry about such problems as we provide you with competent technical recruiters at a competitive price. Treat them as your own employees without the responsibilities of payroll and human resources. Our recruiters are equipped with the right tools to ensure the process is aligned with your needs and that your standards are met.

If you are still confused as to why having an RPO team works, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you figure out how this can benefit your business.

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